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Our popular fringe toy as a chase toy, with the option of adding a variety of balls.


The fringe material covers a good 40cm of the chase and is bright, soft for the dogs mouth and machine washable.


Total length of the toy is approx 1.2m


Chase toys are a great way to tap into your dogs natural instinct to get attention and create play.


There are a few options on this toy, you can have with or without a ball. It is suitable for most dogs without a ball, detailed below are some options with the ball.



Small rubber ball - Solid small ball which can hide treats in the teeth and adds decent weight to the toy, strong ball suitable for most dogs.

Small Holee Roller - For puppies or dogs less likely to tug hard/learning to play.

Large Rugby Holee Roller - Strongest option of the holee rollers.

Chase It Fringe

PriceFrom £17.00